Tips for Driving in the Rain

Here in the South, the weather is rather unpredictable. One moment, the sky is blue, with maybe a few clouds here and there. The next minute, everything grows dark as giant clouds block out the sunlight, and then … it starts raining. If you have to drive in these conditions, it can be one of the most dangerous and challenging scenarios you’ll encounter on the road, as rain is directly associated with higher accident rates. However, we all have to drive in the rain at one time or another, so knowing how to go about it safely and efficiently is imperative. Below, we’ll review some essential safety measures for driving in the rain:

Wait – The first (and easiest) step is simply to wait out the rain, if possible. Remember that even when the rain stops, the streets will still be slippery, so continue to drive carefully!

Keep It Slow – Even though you should always drive according to the speed limit, drive slower than usual when it’s raining. Driving slower will help ensure that you can control your vehicle’s reaction time in slippery conditions.

Make Sure Your Headlights Are On – No matter how intense the downpour is, always keep your headlights on while it’s raining. Keeping your headlights on will make your vehicle visible to other people on the road, increasing everyone’s safety level.

Turn On Your Windshield Wipers – Even though this sounds like common sense, the truth is that most drivers forget to turn them on. Cars typically have several windshield modes, from one that moves every few seconds to full speed. Proper use of windshield wipers is essential in keeping safe on wet roads.

Keep a Safe Space Between Your Car and Others – On slippery asphalt, it takes more of your vehicle’s effort to stop. Because of this, the risk of bumping into another car in front of you increases significantly. While driving, regardless of the weather, keep a safe distance between yourself and the other vehicles you’re sharing the road with.

Keep From Braking Too Hard – Ensure that you take your foot off the gas long before you usually would, and pump the brakes to slow down gradually. Taking your foot off the gas gives your car a head “start” in braking. Otherwise, heavy braking could send your vehicle sliding across the road. Additionally, you could get water inside your brakes, decreasing their ability to do their job.

Know How To Manage Hydroplaning – One of the most common causes of accidents in the rain is hydroplaning, which is a loss of traction between the road and your tires. Unless you know how to handle it, this can cause your car to slide uncontrollably. If your vehicle begins to slide, calmly let off the gas and steer in the direction you want your vehicle to go in. Don’t slam on your brakes or abruptly turn your steering wheel.

With these rainy weather driving tips, you’ll be sure to reduce your high crash risk and stay safe in our wild Southern weather. Of course, accidents happen sometimes. In these situations, know that the folks at Tim’s Towing will always be available for quick, effective towing service in Savannah, GA! If you ever need emergency roadside assistance, call (912) 964-6773 for Savannah’s best 24-hour towing service!

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Tips for Driving in the Rain

Here in the South, the weather is rather unpredictable. One moment, the sky is blue, with maybe a few clouds here and there. The next minute, everything grows dark as giant clouds block out the sunlight, and then … it starts raining. If you have to drive in these conditions, it can be one of […]
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