Load Shift DISASTER in Savannah

Load Shift Correction Needed in Savannah, GA

Tim’s Towing performed yet another load shift correction in Savannah, GA, in August. A tractor trailer was delivering metal sheets to the new Amazon packaging distribution center when disaster struck! As the driver took a corner on Pine Meadows Drive, the load shifted and sheets of metal began to fly out onto the road.

The driver immediately slammed on the brakes, causing the remaining metal sheets to slide forward, straight into the headache rack! The truck was now stuck in the middle of the road, unable to move left or right!

Priority Towing received the call and immediately sent out their load shift team. The load shift team used a rotator to slide the metal on the trailer back into place. They had also brought in a forklift on the back of one of their heavy duty rollbacks. They used the forklift to pick up the metal sheets from the road and place it back onto the trailer.

With all the metal back in place, the load shift team strapped it down to the trailer. Thankfully, no one was injured during this loadshift and the truck sustained no damage. With the load secure, the driver was able to complete his metal delivery to the nearby distribution center.

Our load shift team did an incredible job of clearing the road and correcting the load shift. Their decades of experience in the heavy towing industry was clear in their efficiency and professionalism. Keep up the good work team!

Details of Load Shift Correction Needed in Savannah, GA

The load shift correction team responded to an incident on Pine Meadows Drive in Savannah, GA. The tow truck team was dispatched from Tim’s Towing & Recovery located on 2141 Gamble Rd, Savannah, GA 31405, United States.

The heavy tow truck team made the 15 minute journey via the US-17 S/Ogeechee Rd and GA-307 N/Dean Forest Rd. Once on scene, the load shift team assessed the situation. They used their rotator to lift up the metal that had slid into the headache rack. They slid the metal back in place.

With this metal out of the way, the truck was once again drivable. The heavy towing team then offloaded their forklift from a heavy duty rollback tow truck. They used the forklift to pick up the remaining pieces of metal from the road and place them back onto the trailer.

With everything back on the trailer, the load shift correction team ensured that the load was properly secure. They inspected the truck for any damage and noted that no damage was incurred during the incident.

The truck driver was able to drive the remaining 1.5 miles to the distribution center. The heavy tow truck operators made their way back to Tim’s Towing & Recovery headquarters in order to await their next job.


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