Oversize Load Gets 8 Axles From Tim’s Towing

90.000 lb oversize load requires 8 axle hauling and transportation

It’s not an everyday thing, hauling and transporting an extremely big and heavy 90.000 lb Doosan excavator but we got it done for one of our clients. It was a regular Monday morning in May 2020 when we received the call from a local Synergy rental company in Savannah. The request was to move the excavator from Savannah to Springfield Georgia and arrange for all the permits required to get this oversize load transported on the highway. We love challenges at Tim’s Towing & Transport and our oversize load hauling team got to work straight away, getting all the permits and calculations done as soon as possible. The applications were sent to the State of Georgia and by Friday morning in the same week, we were ready to roll and get this 8 axel hauling and transport job over and done with. We sent one of our oversize load towing experts, John Vaughn, and he brought along one of our lowboy trailers for the transportation of this oversize load. The excavator was moved onto our 8 axels lowboy trailer and secured with straps on the back and the front of the machine for a safe journey on the highways to Springfield. 

If you are ever in need of oversize load transportation, remember Tim’s Towing and Recovery is here to help. We do light duty towing, medium and heavy duty towing as well as heavy equipment transport. We get all the permits done for the transport and we can handle 8 axel hauling and 8 axel transport. Does your heavy equipment weigh over 90.000 lb? Not a problem, we’ll send our expert team your way and before you know it, the job is done. A special thank you goes out to our towing team member, John Vaugh. Great work, once again!

Oversize Load Gets 8 Axles From Tim’s Towing
Oversize Load Gets 8 Axles From Tim’s Towing

Details: Oversize Load Hauling & Transport by Tim’s Towing

Tim’s Towing and Recovery was contacted to haul an oversize load from Savannah Georgia to Springfield Georgia. Our oversize load hauling team took our lowboy trailer from our yard in Savannah to the client’s site. This particular client rents excavators. The oversize load towing team then proceeded to prepare to load the excavator onto the trailer. However, before we did this, the management at Tim’s Towing filed all the proper paperwork. This includes so many applications to the state of Georgia to get permission to move the oversized load. This includes all the right calculations to be sure our equipment can safely move this excavator from Savannah to Springfield. Once this was done, the oversize load hauling team had the due some excavator moved onto the lowboy. The oversize load towing team then used straps to attach the excavator to the lowboy trailer. This included support on the front as well as support on the back. The oversize load hauling team then prepared to transport the excavator. They drove on the highway until they reached Springfield. When they arrived, the oversize load transport team detached the straps from the lowboy. They then backed out the excavator and they then completed the load.

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