#1 Towing Company Recovery

How Potatoes Caused Safety Issues for Local Towing Company Tim’s Towing & Recovery 912-225-6229 A truck stranded by a highway is always a nuisance to motorists and is a challenge for any towing company. Add 22 tons of potatoes to a disabled truck and the nuisance becomes unsafe and downright dangerous for motorists as well…

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Construction Towing in 6th Hot Weekend

Marsh Sucks in Backhoe and Requires Construction Towing Despite Hot Weather Tim’s Towing & Recovery (912) 964-6773 The beastly weather doesn’t mean our Savannah marshes are drying up – at least not yet. Last Thursday, a marsh on Wilmington Island grabbed onto a backhoe in the middle of a small construction project and refused to let…

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Heavy Duty Towing Savannah

Tim’s Towing & Recovery (912) 964-6773 Butter packets lined the freeway,  last Monday due to a violent, 3 turn rollover by a van. The heavy duty towing effort involved a massive cleanup.   If you were on I95 heading North last Monday, you might have been stuck waiting in heavy traffic for several hours. An E350…

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Mystery Blazer Lifted from Springfield Canal in Savannah

We just recovered a very, mysterious, Chevrolet Blazer at the Springfield Canal sitting in seven feet of water. The Savannah Police Department were puzzled as to how the vehicle ended up submerged. and told us they believe foul play was involved. The owner had no idea what happened. He believed his Blazer was stolen. A local,…

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Semi Truck Rush Hour Catastrophe Narrowly Averted by Tim’s Heavy Towing

A major feeder road leading onto Interstate 516 was blocked by a tipped semi-trailer full of reams of eucalyptus paper.  While one sheet of eucalyptus paper is pretty light, a whole semi tractor-trailer full is incredibly heavy and awkward.  Not only did Tim’s Towing finish unloading, uprighting the truck and reloading the truck they did…

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