24 / 7 Towing Services In Savannah, GA

24 Hr Towing Service & Roadside Assistance – Southeast Georgia

For 40 years, Tim’s Towing & Recovery has served Southeast Georgia and surrounding areas. We have been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by Big Truck Breakdown. With dedicated operators and modern towing equipment, we are one of the largest towing service companies in Southeast Georgia — ready to celebrate our 40th year.

Heavy-duty / Commercial Towing & Recovery

Tim’s Towing & Recovery provides heavy-duty commercial towing, recovery and equipment transport. Our fleet of tow trucks ranges from ultra-heavy-duty tow trucks to modern wheel-lift trucks for your automotive and light truck needs. Our flagship truck is a 60-ton Century Rotator designed to handle heavy truck recoveries with minimal lane blockage. Tim’s Towing Service was the first towing company to introduce a Rotator to the Savannah area. Our competition is only now attempting to compete with our 10+ years of rotator experience.

Call for a Tow Truck 24/7!

Whatever your situation – if you need a tow truck in Savannah or South East Georgia,  then call us anytime – we operate throughout the year, 24/7. Our helpful and experienced tow truck operators have full clean licenses and are highly trained in the safe operation of our tow equipment. We ensure that if you are stuck in a difficult spot and need a tow truck, we will be with you as soon as we possible can with the right equipment to get you and your vehicle safe and off the highway.

We can tow any size vehicle from virtually any location with our fleet of advanced tow trucks. We offer very competitive prices for our towing services no matter what time of day or night you need assistance. We can also make appointments to provide towing services for your project, so you get your equipment or vehicle towed exactly when you need it.

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