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Towing Service using 60 Ton Rotator

Dump Truck Loses it and needs Towing Service

A towing service was needed last Friday July 12, when a dump truck flipped over the guardrail on Truman Avenue and landed right-side up.  The approximately 22,000-pound dump truck ended up in a swampy area adjacent to Truman Avenue

Two heavy duty towing service vehicles were needed. A 60 Ton rotator recovered the dump truck out of the swampy side ditch and a 16 Ton Wrecker towed the dump truck away. The debris from the dump truck was removed with a rollback. 

Congratulations to the three towing service operators, Chad Yarbrough, Kevin Davis and Travis Brown for completing the recovery in 2 hours.

Dump Truck before Towing Service

Towing Service with Dump Truck on Truman

Details of Towing Service on Dump Truck

A call came into Tim’s Towing and Recovery for a towing service for a recovery on Truman Avenue last Friday, July 12th.  A single axle dump truck needed to be recovered. Tim’s Towing and Recovery sent out three towing service operators and two heavy duty towing vehicles for the towing service recovery.  The towing service operators assessed the situation. The towing service operators found the dump truck right side up sitting in a swampy area off of the road. The dump truck had rolled, losing some of its load. The dump truck sat alongside a water retention canal that ran alongside the road. The towing service operators saw that the dump trucks wheels were stuck in the soft, wet ground.  For maximum leverage, they optimized the angle of the rotator to decrease resistance on the wheels and make it easier to lift the dump truck out of the ditch. The towing service operators unfurled the winch cable off of the 60-Ton rotator. The towing service operators then attached the hooks onto the dump truck so it could be lifted out. Carefully, the towing service operators applied tension.  They eased the dump truck partway up the embankment. Next, they needed to elevate the dump truck above the guard rail. Carefully the towing service operators pulled it up and over the guardrail and set it down. The debris from the dump truck was moved by a rollback. After the recovery the towing service company drove away in the 60-ton rotator. The 16-ton wrecker towed away the dump truck. 



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