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Railroad Tracks Required Load and Machinery Moving

Wheels of Commerce Keep Rolling with Load Moving and Machinery Moving

Even in 2019, railroads are still heavily used to transport materials, and sometimes new tracks need to be unloaded by a load and machinery moving company. We received a call on October 7th to unload heavy, prefabricated tracks in Savannah, GA. The job sounded simple enough. We’ve assisted with unloading countless times. Our team of three machinery moving specialists handled the job.  

However, when we arrived on the scene, we immediately noticed two obstacles that would make this job a bit more difficult than it sounded on the phone. To start, trains were still moving on the main line, which limited the amount of space we had to work. Secondly, to further limit our space, a previous towing company left the other heavy load in a precarious spot that made it difficult to unload the new shipment of tracks.

Despite the narrow operating room we rose to the challenge and swiftly, yet safely, unloaded each 25,000 lbs rail assembly. Our team excelled at completed this heavy duty rigging job in record time. 


Railroad Tracks example load and machinery moving

Heavy Wrecker with Railroad Tracks example load and machinery moving

Heavy Wrecker with Railroad Tracks example load and machinery moving

Details of Our Load and Heavy Machinery Moving Job

Tim’s Towing and Recovery was called on October 7, 2019 to complete a load and heavy machinery moving job. Railroads in Savannah, GA need new tracks from time to time, and our heavy wrecker has the capability to complete heavy duty rigging. Our towing company arrived on the scene.

Since railroads were still in operation and another tow company had placed the other order of railroad tracks in a tight location, we had minimal space to complete our load and heavy machinery moving job. The didn’t stop us from providing the best heavy duty rigging possible.

Each of the rail assemblies was around 25,000lbs and they were loaded on a flatbed truck. We pulled the necessary hooks and heavy duty straps from our heavy wrecker and got to work. We placed hooks with our straps on the prefabricated railroad track and secured them in place. Once secure, we carefully lifted the track off of the flatbed and placed it in the specified located. To continue the process, we removed the hooks, placed them on the next assembly, and repeated the process until everything was moved off the flatbed. The entire process took around 1.5 hours.




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