Overturned Chicken Truck Needs Tow Truck Company Services

Chickens on the highway in Savannah – tow truck company needed

On Wednesday May 27th, just before rush hour, 56.000 lbs. of frozen chicken was scattered across the highway in Savannah and a tow truck company was needed. Chicken rolled over on the highway as the driver made a bad turn. Luckily, the driver didn’t get hurt and the chickens, well, they were frozen from the start, so there was no harm done there either. Tim’s Towing & Recovery was contacted by the Savannah Police Department for immediate assistance. Our expert tow truck company team made their way to the site straight away and along with them, they brought a 50 ton wrecker, a 60 ton rotator and a bobtail. Within 90 minutes, the towing team had the road cleared which was quite a challenge with rush hour coming in. In 3 hours there was not a trace left of this peculiar event that had taken place on the highway in Savannah. Our tow truck company team used Sonetics headsets to communicate on the scene, keeping everyone safe and informed while dealing with the overturned truck and all that chicken. Both the semi and the cab had rolled over to the side and they were in desperate need of professional semi towing. With the help of our wrecker, rotator, towing cables, straps and hooks, Tim’s Towing & Recovery team winched the cab and trailer upright on its 18 wheels. The team used the bobtail to tow the trailer and that was that – the job was done and the chicken incident was now over and done with. We are super proud of our team, dealing with this mess during rush hour. You did a great job once again!

Overturned chicken truck needs tow truck company services
Chickens on the highway in Savannah – tow truck company needed

Details of tow truck company & the chicken incident in Savannah

Our tow truck company was contacted to upright an overturned semi and trailer that contained chickens. Tim’s Towing & Recovery dispatcher sent out the tow truck company team to the site. When the tow truck company team arrived, they indeed confirmed that the semi and cab were lying on its side by the side of a highway. Next, the team discussed how to upright the semi and cab. The tow truck company team removed the towing cables and towing straps from storage. Next, they ran the towing cables on one side of the trailer and they ran towing cables with hooks on the other side of the trailer. Next, the tow truck company team members attached the cab and trailer so they would move in one fell motion at one time. After being sure that everything was secure, the tow truck company team members began winching the cab and trailer containing the chickens upright. The trailer and cab moved up 10 degrees. Next, the trailer and cab moved up 20 degrees. Finally, the cab and trailer reached its peak and fell on all of its 18 supporting wheels. The tow truck company team then removed the towing straps and towing cables. The tow truck company team then prepared the cab and trailer to be towed away.

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