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Heavy Transport with Tim’s

Heavy Transport Support with Chassis Swap

Heavy Transport Support was needed in Savannah last week when a heavily loaded reefer trailer needed a chassis swapTim’s Towing and Recovery was contacted and hired because of its excellent track record in heavy duty towing services and because they had the right equipment for the job. The heavy transport effort used a 50-ton tow truck and 60-ton wrecker 

It was the kind of work that required space. Tim’s used a large area where the containers and heavy tow trucks could work unhindered. 

 The team from Tim’s used the rotator to support the container from above while the heavy wrecker was used to guide the container.   The container held close to 40,000 pounds. When you add in the weight of the container, the rotator was supporting close to 50,000 pounds.

The whole job took about an hour. Congratulations to the guys on a job well done.


Heavy Transport during Chassis Swap in Savannah

Heavy Transport during Chassis Swap in Savannah


Details of Heavy Transport Support

A damaged chassis on a reefer trailer required heavy transport support. A company with heavy transport experience was contacted. To handle the chassis swap the heavy transport team decided to use a 50-ton tow truck and a 60-ton wrecker.   The heavy transport team also looked for a location where they could maneuver and control the container. The heavy transport team first attached one hook on the rear of the container. The heavy transport team then attached a second hook to a second corner. They then attached hooks to the other two sides of the container.  Each hook on the containers were connected with heavy cables to a rotator. The heavy transport team then attached the front of the container to the tow truck. Once the container was in the air the tow truck would be used to guide it onto the new chassis. Carefully, the heavy transport team member in the rotator raised the container off the damaged chassis.  With the container hanging in the air, the heavy transport team also managed to capture the photo in this post. The wrecker guided the container away from the damaged chassis. A new chassis was driven in. Slowly, they heavy transport team guided the container onto its new chassis. The heavy transport support team then attached the container to its new trailer.  Another successful job managing heavy duty towing and heavy transport.



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