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Butter packets lined the freeway,  last Monday due to a violent, 3 turn rollover by a van. The heavy duty towing effort involved a massive cleanup.



I95 with the investigation in full swing

If you were on I95 heading North last Monday, you might have been stuck waiting in heavy traffic for several hours. An E350 van with two passengers skidded off the highway, rolled over three times and left thousand of butter packets and other items strewn all over the highway, shoulder and grassy area. Due to the nature of the accident, police conducted an investigation for over 2 hours. There was a male driver and a female passenger. It was reported that the female passenger was cut seriously.

It was a buttery mess. it took nearly two hours to clean up the butter and attach the damaged van to the heavy duty tow truck.

Details of Heavy Duty Towing Cleanup of I95

Two of Tim’s Towing and Recovery arrived at 3 pm. They were joined by a CHAMPS employee, Two Georgia Office of Transportation employees and a handful of police officers controlled traffic. All were asked to wait 90 minutes during while detectives investigated the accident. Once the okay was given, the heavy duty towing cleanup could begin. The van had been completely filled with butter, canned goods, canned drinks, and even a TV. It took five people ninety minutes to clean up the road, shoulder and grassy area. Most everything was deposited back into the van. Since the van had been punctured in the rollover, it was wrapped in plastic wrap to better hold the contents during the tow back to the yard. Also, the large screen TV had to be loaded up and hauled away as well. Tools used included heavy duty tow truck, a shovel. For must of the cleanup time, traffic was able to get through on one open lane.



Heavy Duty Towing Savannah 3

Butter in Van

Butter in Van


ABC News Broadcast


SPD: I-95 wreck results in serious injuries, road closed for hours
by Briana RivasTuesday, April 30th 2019

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTGS FOX 28) — A wreck on I-95 in Savannah Tuesday resulted in one woman sustaining serious injuries, according to Savannah police’s Traffic Investigation Unit.

Investigators say the driver of a Ford E350 van was traveling northbound on I-95 near the Jimmy DeLoach Parkway exit “exit when the driver-side rear tire blew out, resulting in him losing control of the vehicle. The vehicle spun and overturned.”

Both the 67-year-old male driver and the 50-year-old female passenger were transported to Memorial Medical Center for treatment. Police say the passenger sustained serious injuries as a result of the crash. Both were wearing their seat belts.

SPD says that crash had all northbound lanes of I-95 closed for about five hours.


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