Guide to Equipment Hauling: How We Prepare for Heavy Transport

Heavy Truck Towing Savannah GA

Hauling heavy equipment can be daunting and requires the utmost attention to detail. If heavy equipment isn’t properly loaded and secured, it could result in fines or a severe accident. At Tim’s Towing, a towing service in Savannah, GA, we have over 45 years of experience in commercial towing, hauling, and transporting heavy equipment that ranges from heavy machinery to farm equipment to sizable earth-moving equipment. Our expert drivers and technicians go through a thorough and meticulously detailed process to ensure your heavy equipment is properly loaded and transported safely.

Tim’s Towing meets all regulations and standards set forth by the Department of Transportation for cargo securement, which has additional regulations for heavy equipment transportation. We ensure the cargo can withstand (not move forward or backward) the acceleration and deceleration rates listed by the DOT and that all components of the truck used to secure the equipment are in proper working condition.

Many DOT regulations are based on the weight and height of the equipment. Before we do anything with loading the equipment, we determine the exact weight and height of the haul to help guide our decisions. Once we know the weight, we’ll be able to determine whether an oversized load permit is needed. The criteria for an oversized load permit varies by state, and they may require escort vehicles that drive with our hauler.

Once we know the exact size of the equipment, we’ll select the best trailer to use to haul it. Before loading, we inspect the trailer’s anchor points to ensure they’ll sufficiently secure the equipment. After that, it’s time to load the equipment. Our drivers and technicians will load it in compliance with DOT regulations.

Once the equipment is on the trailer, we start implementing measures to secure it and prevent it from rolling, tipping, and sliding. At this point, your equipment is immobilized. We use at least four tie-downs depending on the size of the equipment and secure it with chains or steel trapping for good measure. Any equipment with wheels is immobilized using chocks, wedges, or cradles. Finally, before our driver is ready to leave with the haul, we ensure that the equipment and all of its components do not block the driver’s view out the front or sides of the vehicle.

Tim’s Towing is committed to loading and delivering your heavy equipment to its destination promptly and safely. For heavy towing in Savannah, GA, give us a call today, so our team of professionals can go the extra mile to ensure your equipment arrives undamaged and in pristine working condition.

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