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A Broderson Crane was being transported and needed help being loaded from a local crane towing company. Tim’s Towing was contacted to save the day. When the Tim’s Towing driver arrived, we spoke to the driver of the lowboy. We learned that as the crane was being loaded it just shut down.  No one was sure what had gone wrong mechanically. The loading of the crane had to stop.

To solve the problem, we brought out our rotator for a simple lift and placement.  As you can see things went down without a hitch.   

In this case, we don’t need to move things very far. But just a few feet made a big difference.  Glad we could help.

This crane is as tall as a giraffe

This crane is as tall as a giraffe

The crane in the air by Crane Towing Company

The crane in the air by Crane Towing Company

Crane towing company at Tim's Towing working on Broderson Crane

Crane towing company at Tim’s Towing working on Broderson Crane

Details of Crane Towing Company for Broderson Crane

A call came in for a crane towing company to help load a Broderson Crane that had quit working.  Tim’s towing sent out their crane towing company team to manage the process. The Tim’s team drove out to the site with a heavy wrecker to reload the crane.  We learned that that that crane had quit working while it was being driven onto a lowboy trailer. The Tim’s crane towing company team assessed the situation. They figured out that they needed to simply get the crane loaded onto the lowboy with minimal effort.  This would best be accomplished by simply attaching out rotator to the crane. We would then lift it up and then place it down onto the lowboy trailer. We backed our rotator in. We then swung the rotator boom around to be positioned over the crane. They then released the boom cable and hook.  We then attachedd towing straps and towing chains to the front of the crane. Next, the crane towing company team attached straps to the back of the crane. We needed to evenly distribute the weight of the Broderson Crane. Then we winched up the crane one foot. We then winched the crane up two feet.  Carefully, we swung the boom of the rotator around with the crane attached. Once the crane was being held over the lowboy we waited until it stopped moving. Once the crane was steady, we carefully lowered the crane one foot and then two feet. Finaly, the crane towing team set the crane down onto the lowboy trailer.  We then removed the towing cables and towing straps from the crane. We also assisted in attacheding the crane to the front of the lowboy and to the back of the lowboy.

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