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Heavy Towing Major Accident on I-516

Heavy Towing Team Responds to Accident Caused by Extreme Road Rage on I-516 Tim’s heavy towing team responded to a major accident on I-516 around 10:30 AM on February 11, 2021. Witnesses to the accident report seeing two cars stopped in the middle of the interstate by exit 5 in a serious case of road…

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Heavy Tow Company Moves 33,000 lb Boat

Heavy Tow Company Called In To Tow Boat From Repair Shop A client in need of a heavy tow company called on Tim’s Towing and Recovery to save the day. The man was the proud owner of a 33,000 lb, 43’ long boat. As with any vehicle, the boat would sometimes need repairs. On this…

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Heavy Tow Company Saves 27,500lb Loader from Muddy Grave

Heavy Tow Company Enlisted for Construction Machine Towing A specialized machinery rental company requested the help of a heavy tow team for a very muddy job! One of their client’s had rented a front-end loader in order. The client was clearing some land to make a road in the woods off of Highway 17 when…

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Heavy Tow Services Lifts 31,000 Pounds of Clothes

Heavy Tow Service Team Does What Others Deemed Impossible Tim’s received a call from a client in desperate need of a heavy tow service team to come to their aid. A 53-foot box van containing 31,000 lbs of clothes had rolled over in a warehouse parking lot on Sonny Perdue Drive. The trailer was now…

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Heavy Tow Company Helps with 50,000 lb Trailer

Disconnected 50,000 lb Bulk Trailer Recovered by Heavy Tow Company Tim’s Towing and Recovery received a call from a truck driver in desperate need of a reliable heavy tow company. The tractor was carrying a loaded bulk trailer weighing approximately 50,000 lb when the trailer disconnected from the tractor. While the exact contents of the…

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Heavy Recovery Effort Moves Timbers

Overturned Timber Truck Causes Chaos on the 1-516 Tim’s Towing responded to a call from the Savannah Police Department who needed urgent help from their heavy recovery team. Bringing everyone’s Final Destination nightmares to life, a logging truck had hit a guard rail and flipped over on the 1-516 westbound, spilling wood debris and logs…

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Overturned Chicken Truck Needs Tow Truck Company Services

Chickens on the highway in Savannah – tow truck company needed On Wednesday May 27th, just before rush hour, 56.000 lbs. of frozen chicken was scattered across the highway in Savannah and a tow truck company was needed. Chicken rolled over on the highway as the driver made a bad turn. Luckily, the driver didn’t…

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Semi Towing Wipes Up with Paper Rolls

Semi Towing Uses 50-Ton Wrecker to Upright Trailer with Paper Rolls The devil is in the details when navigating a tractor-trailer and the fifth wheel loaded with paper products and needed semi towing help. A fifth wheel loaded with 56,000 pounds of paper rolls lost its balance and ended up on its side at a…

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Crane Towing Company Needs a Little Help

Crane Towing Company Lifts and Gets it Done A Broderson Crane was being transported and needed help being loaded from a local crane towing company. Tim’s Towing was contacted to save the day. When the Tim’s Towing driver arrived, we spoke to the driver of the lowboy. We learned that as the crane was being…

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