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Viral YouTube Video Attempt Ends Up with BMW in Savannah Ditch: Tow Truck Saves the Day

BMW rescued by tow truck driver

A burnout gone wrong left BMW in Marsh for Tow Truck Driver Rescue

Sometimes getting YouTube Views means you have to pay a price. This is exactly what happened when in an attempt to record a video of a tire screeching burnout, a 2018 BMW M4 ended up in a marsh.

The viral video attempt occurred on Presidents Avenue, hidden from view at the Mariner Grove Apartments, just south of the Savannah River. The pavement was dirty from the rain this spring here in Savannah. What the twentysomething driver didn’t know is that dirty pavement makes it tough to control a car during a burnout and second, a burnout changes steering completely; the car behaves like it would in snow, where you must steer where your rear end is going, or you will lose control.

And lose control, he did. The BMW ended up 30 feet into the Marsh at 2010 Presidents Avenue in Savannah, Georgia. No viral YouTube Video this time. Better luck next time boys.

Thanks to JR McNeff of Tim’s Towing for the picture and the report. Here is a blow-by-blow description of the recovery of the BMW M4.

Tow Truck Recovery Details

On April 24, 2019, a Tim’s tow truck driver arrived on the scene at 2010 East President Street, Savannah, Georgia. The tow truck driver assessed the situation by examining the car. He examined the marshy ditch and looked for a reasonable way to extract the vehicle. The tow truck driver reported back to the driver on his plan to winch out the BMW M4. Tow Truck Driver extracted the winch cable (wire rope) to a secure fastening on the unibody of the M4. The tow truck driver carefully winched the car through the mud and several times the BMW M4 was sucked back into the marsh. Over the next 40 minutes, the Tow Truck Driver was finally able to get the car back onto hard pavement. There was damage to the body of the car from the burnout. Also the rotors and rims were caked in mud. The BMW was then driven away to be washed.



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