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Crane Towing Company Needs a Little Help

Crane Towing Company Lifts and Gets it Done A Broderson Crane was being transported and needed help being loaded from a local crane towing company. Tim’s Towing was contacted to save the day. When the Tim’s Towing driver arrived, we spoke to the driver of the lowboy. We learned that as the crane was being…

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Equipment Towing Saves Conveyor

Loose Wheel on Conveyor Requires Equipment Towing A conveyor used for construction needed equipment towing last week in Richmond Hill near Savannah. The conveyor was working, but its axle failed and its wheel almost fell off.  The conveyor needed to be moved for repairs Tim’s Towing and Recovery was called in to handle this large,…

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Tow Truck Services Needed for Overturned Semi in Savannah

Driver Avoids Major Accident but Needs Tow Truck When Trailer Flips When trying to avoid a major accident, tractor-trailer drivers sometimes inadvertently find themselves in need of tow truck services. Split-second thinking saved the day but necessitated some assistance in this situation. Tim’s Towing & Recovery is always happy to help with the proper equipment…

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Heavy Truck Towing Needed in Savannah After Semi Runs Off Road

Tim’s Towing Provides Heavy Truck Towing for Semi in Ditch When you combine two tractor-trailers, a high rate of speed, and a ditch, the outcome is almost always a need for heavy truck towing. Tim’s Towing & Recovery dealt with this exact equation not long ago. With the right equipment and a knowledgeable team, they…

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Railroad Tracks Required Load and Machinery Moving

Wheels of Commerce Keep Rolling with Load Moving and Machinery Moving Even in 2019, railroads are still heavily used to transport materials, and sometimes new tracks need to be unloaded by a load and machinery moving company. We received a call on October 7th to unload heavy, prefabricated tracks in Savannah, GA. The job sounded…

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Upside Semi and Heavy Duty Towing

How Heavy Duty Towing the Right Way Can Prevent Traffic Problems It is good to know you are loved even in the heavy duty towing business. Last week, Tim’s Towing and Recovery got a call to recover a semi that had completely flipped upside down into a ditch. It was at the entrance to the…

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Commercial Towing Service in Savannah

Head-on Impact Leads to Commercial Towing Service A commercial towing service was needed in Savannah when a vehicle had a violent accident with a tractor trailer, head-on in Savannah on July 29th. The impact was pretty severe. It occurred just behind the front wheel and fuel tank on the driver’s side of the tractor trailer…

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Heavy Transport with Tim’s

Heavy Transport Support with Chassis Swap Heavy Transport Support was needed in Savannah last week when a heavily loaded reefer trailer needed a chassis swap.  Tim’s Towing and Recovery was contacted and hired because of its excellent track record in heavy duty towing services and because they had the right equipment for the job. The…

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Big Wrecker 3 Years After Irma

Big Wrecker Needed for Boat Recovery A big wrecker from Tim’s Towing was needed at Bells Landing near Savannah last week to extract a boat turtled during hurricane Irma, 3 years ago.  The boat was pretty decayed and falling apart. That there was anything left of the boat after 3 years was kind of amazing. It…

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