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Tim Yarbrough founded our towing company in 1974. Through almost 40 years of his hard work and dedication, he built the company into one of the largest towing companies in Southeast Georgia.

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Tim Yarbrough, Yarborough Enterprises founder 5/31/1950 — 1/20/2010

For the past 44 years, Tim’s Towing & Recovery Service has been servicing Southeast Georgia and surrounding areas. The company’s primary focus is on commercial towing, heavy hauling and recovery. With a fleet of 14 tow trucks and a group of dedicated drivers, we have made this company what it is today.

We serve customers ranging from large fleet owners to individuals who experience an unfortunate breakdown. Whoever you are, we treat all our customers — and their vehicles — with the utmost respect in a courteous and helpful manner. In our view, this is fundamental to building a successful towing operation.

We have been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by Big Rig Breakdowns — a website that lists large truck service providers across the country. With dedicated operators and modern towing equipment, we’re still one of the largest towing service companies in Southeast Georgia.

Whatever your situation, if you need a tow truck in Savannah or Southeast Georgia, call us anytime – we operate throughout the year, 24/7. Our helpful and experienced tow truck operators have clean driving records and are highly trained in the safe operation of our towing and recovery equipment.

If you’re in a difficult situation and need a tow truck, be assured that we will be with you as soon as possible with the right equipment to get you and your vehicle safe and to your destination.

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