Semi Truck Rush Hour Catastrophe Narrowly Averted by Tim’s Heavy Towing

Aftermath cleanup from eucalyptus paper semi rollover in Savannah

Semi truck leaning during Tim’s Towing Recovery in Savannah

A major feeder road leading onto Interstate 516 was blocked by a tipped semi trailer full of reams of eucalyptus paper.  While one sheet of eucalyptus paper is pretty light, a whole semi tractor trailer full is incredibly heavy and awkward.  Not only did Tim’s Towing finish unloading, uprighting the truck and reloading the truck they did it under 6 hours which beat the pending evening commute home for tens of thousands of Savannah commuters.  (We assure you that no Koalas were injured in the process 😉)

The Tim’s Heavy Towing team deployed 7 Wreckmaster certified experts to complete the recovery. The rescue require a 50 Ton Wrecker, 60 Ton Rotator, Landoll Rollback and an Emergency Response Trailer. Thanks to the Savannah Police Department for making our job easy.

Tim’s Towing Trucks pulling out semi in Savannah

Paper loaded semi in Savannah on its side

Semi cab in Savannah

Boys from Tim’s Towing getting ready to lift semi in Savannah

Semi underbelly before recovery in Savannah

Semi recovered and ready to roll in Savannah

Paper loaded by Tim's Towing after semi rollover in Savannah

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