Towing Safety Tips

Towing Safety Tips. What to do while you wait for a tow truck in Savannah.

We depend on our vehicles for work and for play. Whether you drive a minivan, a sedan or an 18 wheel semi it is important that you know how keep you and your family safe on the road in Savannah just in case you experience a break down and have to call for a tow truck. < read more >

Towing Emergency Kits

Top 10 items to help you stay safe while you wait for a tow truck in Savannah

We all depend on the mobility of our cars and trucks to help our lives to function day to day. We go to the office, take the kids to soccer practice or meet the guys once a week for pinball and a beer. However sometimes our cars don’t always behave themselves and sometimes break down at the worst possible moment.  < read more >