Equipment Transport

crane for heavy transportOur equipment transport services offer all the resources needed to transport any sized load. Operating a towing service requires that we transport equipment and vehicles that we recover, so we are fully prepared to take on all types of equipment transport. We also have all the lifting equipment and a heavy duty rotator which can place any size load exactly where we want it. 

Heavy equipment transport

heavy equipment transportWhatever the weight of your heavy equipment; if it meets the legal limits for us to carry, we can transport any heavy equipment you need moved. Services include:

  • Heavy equipment transport for all types of heavy machinery and abnormal loads
  • Specialized lifting and handling equipment
  • Heavy haulers to cater for those super-heavy loads

Farm equipment transport

farm equipment transportFarm equipment transport can present some unique challenges but here at Tim’s towing we have encountered and overcome them all!
Farm machinery haulage is inherently tricky because many of the attachments and machines are irregular shapes and require experience to transport without risking their integrity or compromising public safety.

Machinery transport

heavy machinery transportOur machinery moving service provides a complete relocation service for any type of machinery. Unlike other machinery movers who rely on third parties to provide specialized resources, we have all our own moving equipment to ensure you get a trouble-free, end to end machinery moving service.

construction equipment transport

  • Construction machinery transport
  • Large earth-moving equipment transport
  • Factory machinery transport